Katie Levy

BCYC member and Ida Lewis trophy winner

Katie Levy

Welcome sailors, to what I know will be a very memorable regatta for all of you. I competed in the 1998 US Sailing Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship in Cleveland, Ohio, and the 1999 event in San Francisco, CA. In Cleveland I was a rookie, new to double handed boats, never flew a spinnaker before and intimidated by the incredible competition. The clinics taught me so much and the friendships I began are still enduring. I was amazed with the range of talent of my competitors. There were many who were clueless at first, similar to me. Then there were the hot shots. We all became friends and went on to compete against each other for many more years, including throughout collegiate sailing.

The following year, I trained hard and dedicated a good amount of time to practice and skipper/crew bonding. We got our tacking, spinnaker sets, mark rounding and starting down to a tee. We wanted to be considered hot shots, and I think we proved our point when we won the regatta! Going into the last race, we knew that if we won that race, then we’d win the regatta. It was blowing about 25 knots and we put everything we had into that race. With a clear lead going into the finish, I jumped on the trapeze with a handstand and finished the regatta with a bang!

No matter if you came to this event to learn and build your skills or if you came hoping to win, you are at the right place. Learn at both the clinics and races, make friendships, even if they are competitive friendships, and simply enjoy your time on the water. I hope this regatta will be as rewarding for you as they were for me!

- Katie Levy (formerly Katie Clausen)



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