Alex Ivory

BCYC Junior Commodore

Alex Ivory

Welcome back, fellow veteran US Sailing Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship racers, and welcome to all first-timers! The 2013 regatta, for the Ida Lewis trophy, is being hosted by Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club in Newport Beach, CA. The actual race course will be in the Pacific Ocean about a half mile off the Newport Beach pier. This means that each day, our 40 boats will be towed to the start line, a process that takes 30 and 45 minutes.

Southern California, which has produced some of the finest sailors in the country, has a tendency to not have a great record of consistent wind speeds, especially off the coast in Newport Beach. Around this time of year, expect June-gloom mornings, which are overcast with little breeze, and a steady pickup to 5-12 knots in the early afternoon. A normal direction by noon is a WSW. But weather, though usually mild, can be finicky and can change on a dime. Depending on the time of day we finish, as well as wind conditions, we might sail back to the club or be towed in. As anywhere, a thick coat of sunscreen is required to avoid sunburn.

Things to look for in Newport Harbor are sea lions and large pleasure boats. We also have our fair share of kelp problems inside and out in the ocean, so beware of sailing over it, as it will stop you cold. Finally, the outgoing tide can cause a small boat to literally sail nowhere when trying to sail in.

I hope this helps in preparing you to enjoy racing with us in the ocean off Newport Beach.

- Alex Ivory



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